Saturday, June 1, 2013

divorce Victoria's Secret model Ines Rivero by Ale de Basseville


An abstain on his reputation
Victoria's Secret model Ines Rivero may be the picture of seduction in the lingerie catalogue, but yesterday she was granted divorce on the grounds that her magenta-haired French rocker hubby, Alexandre de Basseville, refused to have sex with her for more than a year.
Judge Marylin Diamond granted the divorce on grounds of constructive abandonment after Rivero, 22, testified about the absence of a sex life. 
The News' Sal Arena reports that there were no tears as the couple, married in Argentina in 1995, divided a Swiss bank account.
And it's not every day that the husband leaves a marriage with more jewelry that the wife. Rivero wore a simple black pullover, but Basseville jangled out of the courthouse with an assortment of bracelets, earrings and a ring on every finger.

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